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We recommend that learners begin their Lessons from Nature journey by taking part in the Introductory module.  The introductory module focuses on the principle that insights discovered in nature can be applied to re-making the human world to empower learners to find possible solutions to their concerns about the future (frightening futures) and to acquire the tools that will help them to build positive ideas (fabulous futures) in relation to the kind of future they would like to see (my future).

Following the Introductory module are 3 additional modules that explore key insights from nature further so learners can develop their understanding and apply the insights to human products and production systems. The main insights from nature that are explored in the three ‘core’ modules are:

  • Multiple Benefits
  • Waste equals Food
  • Diversity gives strength

All modules guide learners from inspiration and discovery through to the application and sharing of knowledge gained.

LfN learning experiences (activities, lessons and modules) are designed with insights from nature in mind. Things in nature are built from common components that can fit together in different combinations and work at different levels and scales (think ecosystems, species, carbon compounds and DNA and the like).

It is hoped that many teachers/facilitators and learners will be inspired by LfN and develop their own learning activities and share these by submitting them to be added to the LfN website.

More information on these modules and how to design your own can be found in the Facilitator Support Pack.

The following additional modules have also been developed by our European partners.
We hope to add to this list as further modules are developed and translated.


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