Using LfN

Using insights from nature to inspire and build a brighter future

Our aspiration is to promote learning that will enable insights from nature to inspire and build a better future. We are using insights from nature to develop our learning framework.


The LfN framework is a nested system with inspiration at the core. Inspiration is at the beginning of the learning journey which then progresses with discovery learning. There is an emphasis on activity to maintain the engagement of learners as the learning journey progresses to understanding then application. Learners will be encouraged to take part in more understanding activities or seek further inspiration and discovery before reaching a point of being able to apply multiple insights to a range of real world challenges. We hope all learners (not least the learners who work as teachers) will want to share Lessons from Nature with others. We also hope that all learners will want to continuously reconnect with nature to inspire another lifecycle of discovery learning.


Learning Modules

The learning modules are based upon insights from nature and their real world applications. The modules consist of  interconnected activities (like ecosystems) that have multiple learning benefits. In the UK there is an introductory module and three core modules (each based on an insight from nature).

Teachers are free to use the materials and ideas on this website to develop lesson plans that suit them and are encouraged to share these. In this way we expect the project to reflect nature as it begins to grow organically from a simple basis to levels of great complexity.

The learning outcomes (displayed on the learning wall) will equip students for work in the post oil economy and rethink the way in which products, production systems, economies and the modern world is designed.

To download the modules and learning resources including the learning wall visit the discover section of our website.

In school

Lessons from Nature can be implemented by schools in a variety of ways:

  • In subject lessons - modules can be incorporated into several subjects including
    • Science
    • Geography
    • Business Studies
    • Design and Technology
  • An off curriculum day - modules can be delivered in their entirety over a single day. The modules can be single subject or cross-curricular and delivered by one or several teachers working together
  • Clubs - modules can be delivered as a non-formal activity


For the academic year 2012/13 Epping Forest Field Centre is offering support to teachers in terms of :

  • Free introductory module delivered by fully trained staff
  • Free teacher support
For more infomation see the LfN_Poster.pdf

If you would like your school to be involved in the Lesson from Nature project (including a free visit to Epping Forest Field Centre) please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 0208 502 8500 for more details.

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Lessons From Nature (LFN) ©2012