Módulo 2: The Rapa Nui Story and the limits to growth (English)

This module aims to enquire the paradigm of necessary economic growth. Politicians and economists put all their efforts in guarantee an economic growth that creates more jobs and prosperity. However, such growth could be constrained by the finite nature of the natural resources in which we rely.This module develops the core idea of "nature optimises, not maximises" and she works within a limits:

  • No system growths neither indefinitely nor exponentially long-term.
  • How can be possible indefinitely economic growth in a planet with a finite amount of resources?
  • We can learn by observing how organisms growth in nature or under experimental conditions. These insights can be applied to human processes.

 LfN principles:

  • Nature optimizes (within the limits)
  • Nature is adaptive
  • Nature provides multiple benefits 

General objectives:

  • Inquire about the current paradigm of sustained economic growth
  • Awareness about the limits of nature
  • Learning about closed-system dynamics and functioning
  • Learning how to redesign human systems reduce our impact on nature while keeping welfare
Expected changes:
  • Enquiring economical models based on indefinite growth.
  • Encouraging to look for alternative economic models that fit better to the social and environmental context.
  • Realising that we can create prosperity without spoil nature if we redesign the system.

Disclaimer: These are beta versions of the Spanish Modules. They have been uploaded to be used at bilingual schools. Some adjustments may be required to adapt the modules to the different school or lesson particularities. Please, have a look to the Spanish annexes and use/translate the materials you consider necessary to develop the module.


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