Módulo 1: Cradle to cradle: why there are no bins in nature? (English)

This module develops the concept of waste=food and circular economy. Linear and circular economies are compared, allowing critical analysis of "cradle to grave" and "cradle to cradle" paradigms. We will analyse the life-cycle of a manufactured food product, studying the environmental impacts that produces during the extraction of the raw materials from nature to the disposal phase. Later, we will study how nature produces food, analysing any fruit or seed raised in nature. Afterwards, we will discuss how we can apply the insights learned from nature to human production of goods and services: circular economy.

LfN Principles

  • Nature optimizes (within the limits).
  • Waste = food.
  • Nature provides multiple benefits.

General objectives:

  • Understanding how nature deals with wastes.
  • Discovering circular economy.
  • Analysing the weaknesses and strengths of a circular economy process by comparing it to a lineal production process.
  • Applying the circular economy concept when designing products.

Expected changes:

  • Developing critical thinking using circular economy.
  • Exploring circular economy models using food products as examples.

Disclaimer: These are beta versions of the Spanish Modules. They have been uploaded to be used at bilingual schools. Some adjustments may be required to adapt the modules to the different school or lesson particularities. Please, have a look to the Spanish annexes and use/translate the materials you consider necessary to develop the module.


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