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What would you like the future to be like? How can we build a brighter future? Does nature has the answers? Share your thoughts and inspirations with the world.

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Avoid creating waste, then re-use unwanted materials and finally recycle. make the term 'waste' redundant.

By: Jonathan Oldham, Flatford Mill Field Centre, Suffolk, England

Agreed by:

Jonathan Oldham(Suffolk, England)
Liliana Medina Campos(Bogota, Colombia)

The earth has music for those who listen - George Santayana

By: Kristina Stefanova, 164 GPIE Miguel de Cervantes, Sofia

Agreed by:

Kristina Stefanova(Sofia)

Throw your litter in the designated place and use less water.

By: Stoiko Stoev, 164 GPIE Miguel de Cervantes, Bulgaria

Agreed by:

Stoiko Stoev(Bulgaria)

It would be very interesting if we invent a way of re-using our fuel in the car..a way to make the fuses back into a usable fuel.

By: Stefan, 164GPIE, Sofia

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Get out and connect with nature...sit in a natural spot and let go of the self so that you are whole again with the world.

By: Richard, Field Studies School, Shrewsbiry, UK

Agreed by:

Richard(Shrewsbiry, UK)
Erzsebet Hajdu(Tg. Mures)

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