Using insights from nature to inspire and build a brighter future

Nature is the source of inspiration for this exciting learning. Learners are connected with nature and discover that nature can be a mentor that offers insights that can inspire the building of a brighter future. Discovery learning, activity based learning and Learning Outside the Classroom can be utilised to foster inspiration and to stimulate a desire for understanding.

Lessons from Nature (LfN) asks what sort of future young people would like to live in and how this preferred future can be made reality. It challenges traditional assumptions about how things are made, economies managed and lives lived. The project is not about individuals feeling guilt or doing less harm and delaying a point of crisis; instead it is about re-thinking the future. It attempts to present a more hopeful and realistic way for young people to achieve the sort of future they want. After all it will be their future.

LfN presents opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Firsthand experience helps to inspire discovery and foster real understanding in relation to insights from nature that can be applied to the modern world.

In undertaking the LfN activities, young people will develop a wide range of competencies for the jobs of the future. This includes creativity, critical thinking, evaluation and reflection, and sharing.

In this poem Suhaa Mahmood aged 13 reflects on her participation in a trial of this learning.

The Future We Want

We want the future, the future we want,
Let’s think all positive, never say “can’t”,
The future is bright, ours for the taking,
Let’s get it right, what of it we’re making,
Cool and trendy, new building designs,
Innovative thinking, creative minds,
Inspiration is all around,
Up in the sky and in the ground,
Be inspired by nature, and respect it too,
It really delivers, where inspiration is due,
Everyday we’re thinking up new inventions,
Nature really inspires us, no one even mentions,
Let’s put on our thinking caps, and make our future,
Design it creatively, like an awesome creature,
The future is out there, up in the stars,
Let’s reach for it high, and make it ours,
Let’s think all positive, never say “can’t”,
We want the future, the future we want.

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